About Us

About us

Inventing New Ways To Solve diseases With DNA

Our Processes Our Mission Our People
Be The Leading Lab in DNA Tests
Paternity DNA Test with 24 markers
NIPT Test on Illumina Platform
Cell Line Authentication for Research
Legal DNA Test Results approved in Court
100% Accurate Results
Lab with Inhouse Genetic Analyzer
Illumina & Iontorrent Platforms
10 years of DNA testing Experiance
Process DNA Samples than any other lab in india
Only Lab to test 24 & 46 markers in DNA Testing
3500 Sample collection points across India
10 years in DNA Test Service
10 Branches across India
3500 Sample Collection Cenetrs
Authorized Sample Collection center of Embassy DNA Testing
Approved DNA Test Facility in India
Authentic and Accurate DNA Test Results

DNA Diagnostics  was founded in 2009, and we have been providing service excellence for over Ten years specializing in Genetic DNA analysis for Hospitals, Docors, Diagnostics centers, attorneys and  government research labs . DNA Diagnostics is a private Genetic DNA laboratory that is run by a DNA labs India team. 

We are passionate about our work and instill and share the company’s core mission: to provide the highest quality results, friendly service and innovative technology

We have a great history to start our Lab

DNA Diagnotsics, is one of the leading and most highly-accredited genetic-testing laboratories in the world


2nd Aug, 2009

Started RT PCR and FISH tests in india

21st Jul, 2011

Became India's One and Only ISO Certified Lab

19th Aug, 2013

Opend First branch in Delhi

2nd Jan, 2016

Started offering NGS Services

22nd Sep, 2019

Merged with DNA Labs India

12th Jan, 2009

Establishment of DNA Diagnostics

8th Jul, 2010

Started DNA Testing services

18th Aug, 2012

Started offering BRCA Test in India

27th Sep, 2014

Expanded to Mumbai and Kolkata

8th Jul, 2018

Started Offering NIPT Tests