Paternity DNA Test Cost in India

DNA Paternity Test

Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, is the genetic material you inherit from your mother and father. Paternity refers to fatherhood. A DNA paternity test uses DNA, usually taken from a cheek swab, to determine whether a man is the child’s biological father.

A DNA paternity test is nearly 100% accurate at determining whether a man is another person’s biological father. DNA tests can use cheek swabs or blood tests. You must have the test done in a medical setting if you need results for legal reasons.

How is a DNA paternity test performed?

There are two equally accurate ways to test for paternity:

Blood tests: The potential father and child give blood samples at a medical office. The facility sends the samples to a lab for analysis.

Cheek swabs: The potential father and child swab the inside of their cheeks for buccal (cheek) cells. You mail the cotton swab applicators to a designated lab. If swabbing takes place in a medical setting, the office sends the samples to a lab.

What type of samples are needed to do a paternity DNA test?

DNA is present in most of our body’s cells. A small sample for testing can be obtained from several bodily sources. The cells that are most commonly tested are derived from the blood or inside the cheek of the mouth (called buccal cells).

  • Standard Biological DNA Samples:
  • Blood
  • Mouth Flocked Swab (We don’t use a cotton swab)

Can I buy a home DNA paternity test kit online?

You can buy online a Home DNA self-collection kit. Using this kit, you can collect samples and ship them back to us. The collection of samples is relatively easy, and all necessary instructions are provided along with the DNA kit. Click here if you want to book the Home DNA Self-collection kit.

When to do DNA testing?

An applicant may be given the option of undergoing DNA testing in cases in which documentary evidence has been examined and there are still doubts about the authenticity of a parent-child genetic relationship.

What does DNA paternity testing cost?

Paternity DNA Test costs 13000 Rs

How accurate is Paternity testing?

DNA Paternity testing is generally considered to be the most accurate testing method available. DNA Labs India’s Paternity is 100% accurate. Most labs only examine 21 different markers, the more markers tested, the more accurate the result. We test 24 to 46 different DNA markers.

How many days does it take for reports?

Reports will take 10-12 working days.

How do I contact you to get booked for DNA Test:

You can call us at 04049171772 to book your test

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