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Paternity DNA Test

Paternity DNA Test DNA Paternity test with 99.99% accuracy. DNA Diagnostics is a pioneer in providing paternity testing services. We provide reliable and accurate results for any kind of paternity test including legal cases, personal reasons, immigration purpose etc.DNA Diagnostics is a trusted paternity testing service in India. Get the most accurate results using our […]
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Grandparent DNA Test

Grand Parents DNA test Grand parents to Grand children DNA Test The DNA Diagnostics Grand Parents DNA test is the only approved test to verify your grandparent relationships with grand Children with  99.99% accuracy when used for direct-to-consumer testing without utilizing a medical facility or doctor’s office. Allowing you to connect with your family in […]
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Sibling DNA Test

Sibling DNA Test DNA sibling test Matches DNA of Siblings Today, it’s so easy to get in touch with distant relatives and half-siblings. But to verify if someone is your sibling or not, you need a DNA test. A sibling test determines whether the individuals tested share one common parent, The easiest way to do […]
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Avuncular (Aunt/ Uncle) DNA Test

Avuncular (Aunt/ Uncle) DNA Test Who is Your Aunty ? Get DNA Test to know Avuncular (Aunt/ Uncle) DNA test is a simple and accurate way to confirm or rule out your aunt or uncle relationship. This test is unique because it is based entirely on the unique genetic makeup of two people, unlike other […]
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Maternity DNA Test

Maternity DNA Test Maternity DNA Test for Hospital baby exchange cases DNA Diagnostics is a leading provider of non-invasive prenatal test kits. Our Maternity Test is used to determine whether a child is born from the mother’s eggs or from the father’s sperm. It can also be used to confirm a suspected biological parent-child relationship […]
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