Clinical Exome Next Generation Sequencing Test

Clinical Exome NGS Test

Clinical Exome Next Generation Sequencing Test

DNA Diagnostics is a molecular diagnostic Lab offering clinical exome next generation sequencing test for patients with suspected genetic disorders. The test detects clinically relevant exomal variants in 9300 genes associated with more than 1000 rare genetic conditions, including the majority of single gene diseases.


Clinical Exome Next Generation Sequencing Test covers 9300 Genes

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Clinical Exome Next Generation Sequencing Test cost 22000 Rs after discount


Get Clinical Exome Next Generation Sequencing Test results in 3 weeks

Clinical Exome Next Generation Sequencing

Test typePhysician
Pre-test InformationDoctor’s Prescription is required
Report Delivery3 Weeks
Price₹ 22000

What is Clinical Exome Sequencing?

Clinical exome sequencing uses a technology called Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).
It is different from traditional genetic testing because it allows a large number of genes (sections of DNA) to be tested at the same time.
A clinical exome can be very useful if you have a medical condition that may be caused by one or more gene changes and when it's not clear exactly which gene the change is in.

What is an exome?

Our body is made up of cells that contain our chromosomes. Chromosomes are made of DNA, which carries the genetic information in units called genes that are passed down from one generation to the next.
Approximately 1-2% of our DNA provides instructions for proteins, and that 1-2% is called the exome. When mistakes in our DNA occur in the exome, it can lead to disease.
With current technology, we are able to analyze approximately 96% of the exome, which includes approximately 99% coverage for over 9,300 genes that have previously been associated with the disease.

Who should undergo Clinical Exome Sequencing?

Clinical Exome is useful for patients:

With a genetically heterogeneous disease as pathogenic findings could be present in many different genes
With a long list of differential diagnoses
With an atypical presentation of a genetic disorder
Who have exhausted other currently available genetic testing options?

How much does an NGS Clinical Exome Test cost?

A standard NGS Clinical Exome Test cost you 22000/- INR.

How many days does it take to obtain NGS Clinical Exome Test results?

Results of NGS Clinical Exome test are usually available from the laboratory within 4 weeks.

How is the clinical exome interpreted?

Results from a clinical exome are reported based on the type of variant found. Each will have different implications, both for the individual being tested and their family. Your doctor will discuss these implications with you.

Variant typeWhat this means
PathogenicThis variant is the likely cause of your condition.
Variant of uncertain significance (VUS)It is not known whether this variation is the cause of your condition.
No variant foundNo disease-causing variants were found.
Additional findingsA pathogenic variant outside the analysis requested was found.

Why Choose DNA Labs India for NGS Clinical Exome Test?

DNA labs India’s Clinical Exome Test follows with dual testing for 100% accuracy when determining a Next-Generation Sequencing Clinical Exome Test.

We are the leading lab for Clinical Exome Test in India
Only Lab to Share RAW Data, FASTQ and VCF files post-test results
Greater Accuracy with 20X depth and 100X region coverage
Post Tests results from Lab you get free Genetic Counselling
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Strict privacy and confidentiality assured
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Next Generation Sequencing Clinical Exome Test in India Costs 22000 Rs
Clinical Exome Sequencing is a test for identifying disease-causing DNA variants within the 1% of the genome which codes for proteins (exons) or flanks the regions which code for proteins.
Once your sample has been tested, a team of experts review any DNA changes or variants found. The team will determine the significance of any variants, using all the available published scientific literature.
Genomic sequencing generates a large amount of genetic information. Access to and storage of genetic information is strictly governed by national laboratory and health privacy guidelines.
Reports will take 4-5 weeks
.Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a massively parallel sequencing technology that offers ultra-high throughput, scalability, and speed. The technology is used to determine the order of nucleotides in entire genomes or targeted regions of DNA or RNA.
The cell is the basic building block of all living things. Humans have billions of cells that contain the genetic information for how the body develops, grows and functions. This genetic information is stored in DNA. Clinical Exome sequencing is a process that ‘reads' the particular part of genes that are thought to be most important for health.
Clinical Exome is performed by an advanced technique known as Next Generation Sequencing

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