Grandparent DNA Test

Grand Parents DNA test

Grand parents to Grand children DNA Test

The DNA Diagnostics Grand Parents DNA test is the only approved test to verify your grandparent relationships with grand Children with  99.99% accuracy when used for direct-to-consumer testing without utilizing a medical facility or doctor’s office. Allowing you to connect with your family in ways previously not possible.

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Grand Parents DNA Test covers 46 Marekrs

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Grandparent DNA Test

Test typePsychologist
Pre-test InformationNeed to being id proof all Test participants. Sign Consent documents
Report Delivery10-12 days
ComponentsFor Establishing Kinship / Lineage studies
Price₹ 24000

What is Grandparent DNA Test

The Grandparent Lineage Test is performed to determine whether a couple (either of the grandfather or the grandmother) is a biological grandparent of the child.
Grandparentage Tests are done when an alleged father is not available to take the test.
Although the Grandparentage Test can be performed with or without the child’s mother, the mother’s participation is highly advised because it aids in excluding half of the child’s DNA when compared to her DNA.

Reasons for a grandparent DNA test:

The grandparent DNA test is often required when parents of the alleged father or indeed the biological mother are not available.
In this case, if the alleged father is unavailable for a paternity test, the next step is to do a grandparent DNA test of the alleged father’s parents to answer the child’s relationship with the alleged father.
Other cases include the grandparents questioning if the child is their biological grandchild.

What is cost of the Grandparent DNA Test?

Grandparent DNA Test costs 24000 Rs

How many days does it take for reports?

Grandparent DNA Test reports will take 10-12 working days

How does Grandparent Testing Work?

Biological parents equally contribute 50% to their child’s DNA, so that one-half of the child’s DNA comes from each parent.
When that child becomes a parent, they, in turn, contribute half of their DNA to their child. Therefore, 25% of the grandchild’s DNA comes from each grandparent, through their biological child.
The test works on the fact that a child inherits half of his or her DNA profile from each of their parents. In other words, half the child’s DNA profile matches their mother and the other half matches the father.

Can I use Grandparents to establish paternity?

Yes, grandparents can be tested to establish paternity. For some families, proving paternity with a DNA test can be a challenge, particularly if the alleged father is not available for testing or is unwilling to provide a DNA sample.
If the alleged father is unavailable, it is possible to undertake a grandparentage test if you use a lab that has expertise with this type of testing.
A grandparentage test reveals if the child being tested is related to the paternal grandparents, and in doing so can prove the identity of the child’s father.
Grandparent testing is used when the sample for the alleged father cannot be obtained. The child is then compared to the alleged father's parents (the child's paternal grandmother and/or grandfather).
It will be recommended that both grandparents should be tested alongside one parent, however, this cannot always be the case. The grandparent DNA test can be completed with just the grandparent and the child. However, this will not give you the most conclusive and accurate result.
Understanding results for a grandparent DNA test is a little tricky since there can never be a straight “yes or no” answer in relationship testing. Calculations for relationships such as a grandparent involve statistics and a probability of relationship is given as a percentage in the report
Whether the test is an at-home or a legal one, the responsibility is on the tested parties to ensure all parties and legal guardians agree to the test.
The Grandparent DNA test is based on the fact that a child inherits half of his or her DNA profile from each of their biological parents i.e. half the child's DNA profile matches their biological mother and the other half matches the biological father.
A grandparent test establishes whether a child is likely to be related to an assumed grandparent or grandparents. Such tests can be used to establish a family relationship when the child's alleged father is not available for testing.
The Grandparent DNA Test costs 24000
Reports will take 10-12 days

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